I’ve found it really hard to make myself get started blogging. I’m ashamed to think of how many days, weeks, months I kept thinking I’d get going but didn’t.  I’m feeling very shy and lacking in confidence, even though I tell myself it’s likely only a few family & friends will read it. I think it’s the idea that it could be read by anyone that makes it hard. ( I’m trying not to scare myself by adding “…anyone in the world.”)

So I told myself I must follow the advice I give my students when they have trouble getting started. I tell them to just pick a small part and do it. Don’t worry if it’s good or if it’s complete. Just stick your toe in, get your feet wet. Don’t think of the larger goal or whole project, just start with one tiny piece. So I started with the story of my White Ash Tree, the subject/inspiration for a project I’m working on.

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