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I’ve been hand stitching thread to the white ash seeds to form a loop on each seed to allow me to attach them to fabric. I want the seeds to hang in the same direction they do when in clusters on the tree, and to be able to swing freely like a fringe. alice-frenz-ash-seed-thread-loops

I’m using a small amount of glue on the cotton thread on the back side of each seed to help secure the thread stitches. After the glue dries, I trim off the thread tails.alice-frenz-ash-tree-seed-fringe-test

Here is my first test to see if the seeds will hang and move the way I want. In this 1st test I used tacky glue, but decided to switch to acrylic matte medium as my glue after viewing my test sample. The matte finish is less noticeable on the natural matte surface of the seeds.

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