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This is the outer buckram shape I created for my mod helmet design.

We often don’t think enough about the underlying structure that is required to make a design work well. In many cases, more time and effort must be spent in creating the proper foundation or under-structure than we first anticipate.
It’s not unlike the corset and crinoline needed to give the necessary shaping to a beautiful full skirted gown. Without them, the gown just doesn’t have the desired shape and silhouette.

Here’s an example where the primary helmet shape for the design needed an additional shape created to be placed inside to make the helmet sit properly on the head.


This is the inner buckram shape I created to fit inside and keep the helmet from sitting too far down on the head.

inner and outer buckram shapes together, inner shape holds helmet up

the smaller buckram shape fits inside my outer helmet shape and lifts the helmet up higher on the head for a better style line

To be continued…

©2013 Alice Frenz