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desktop screen

After many weeks of work, Plate’s new website is live ~ www.platenewalbany.com

Studies show that 85% or more of all Restaurant website visits in today’s mobile world are via mobile devices. So an important aspect of this design was that it be responsive, giving the visitor a quality experience and impression of Plate on both smart phones, tablets, and full-size screens.


iPhone 4 screen


iPhone 4 screen

I planned and coded the arrangment, size, and placement of elements to accommodate changes in viewport (screen size), always keeping in mind that visitors often have different purposes to their visit when using different sized devices.


2 months ago, I didn’t know my way around a digital SLR camera. Thanks to guidance from Hélène Dujardin’s book Plate to Pixel, I’ve learned to take food photos for Plate’s website and social media promotions, using natural light from the windows in Plate’s Granville Banquet Room with white foam core boards propped up to bounce the light to all sides of the dish. More than half of the photos on the new site are mine, as well as the illustrated graphics.


This is a CMS website, Content Management System, which means it’s designed for ease in making regular updates to content. This is important for many businesses, including restaurants, who have special events to announce, menu changes, etc.

alice-frenz-plate-new-albany-ohio-restaurant-new-menus-ribbon The menus are database driven, which means that changes to a menu item, such as price or ingredients, only need to be made once. The changes will then automatically carry through to every place where that item appears on the site.