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Click here for a pdf of pattern pieces and instructions.


  • 4 – 11” x 14” pieces of Bristol board or other light weight board such as poster board. One piece of the 4 is for making the templates. I used Strathmore 300 Series Bristol board for both my templates and hat pieces.
  • 7.5 yards yarn or ribbon for lacing – I used worsted weight micro-fiber yarn
  • blunt point yarn needle
  • sharp 6H or 4H or 2H pencil
  • scissors
  • paper punch


I make templates of each pattern piece out of Bristol Board. I then use the templates to trace all pieces needed for the hat. I recommend sharpening your pencil frequently to have the most precise and easily removed lines to follow in cutting and punching. My thin pencil lines are removed when I cut out the pieces. For the greatest accuracy, I just barely cut off the pencil line; no more than that. The paper punch removes the traced punch guide circles.


Click here for a pdf of pattern pieces and instructions.

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