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I created these ideas for pattern designs by playing with a sketched figure 8 shape and the Kooleido app on my iphone.

Click on an image to see a larger view.

my original Figure 8 sketch

First I sketched the Figure 8 on my iPhone using Touch Sketch, saved it to my camera roll, then opened and played with it using the Kooleido app in manual mode and varying the settings.

I experimented with cropping my sketch for variations with different amounts of black space. As I played with it and discovered patterns I liked, I saved them to my camera roll.

In the Kooleido app, the kaleidoscope effect wants to display in motion. To reduce this effect, I turn off Tilt. As I begin to see something I like, I slow down my finger movement and hold it still for a few seconds to stop the motion before trying to save.

This is a fun, spontaneous way to generate ideas for pattern designs, and also allowed me to practice my critical “eye” for seeing when interesting Gestalt effects begin to happen.

©Alice Frenz 2014