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alice-frenz-creating-pattern-ideas-iphone-app-kaleidospic-2014-11-30-01I’ve been playing with using apps on my iPhone and iPad to create ideas for pattern designs. In this example, I’m using a motif from my November sketchbook with the Kaleidos Pic app from Fluocode on my iPhone.

First I saved my sketch to my camera roll on the phone. Then I used the folder icon in the app to locate and open it.


Next I open the choice of shapes for my tile by touching the hexagon icon.  Use 1 finger to move the tile to the portion of the image you want to use. You can rotate the shape and change its size by using 2 fingers. It’s a little bit fussy, so just be patient and remember to switch back to 1 finger before trying to move the tile after scaling and rotating it.


Now you can adjust the size of the design tile by moving the blue slider button. Then touch the check mark to see the design tile in repeat.

You can touch the flip button to see how it changes the pattern. Use the back arrow to change the tile selection, shape, or size. When you have a pattern you like, touch the save icon.




Use the blue button slider to select the size you would like to save. The larger the size, the more repeats that occur within your saved image.

The app doesn’t display your saved image. You’ll have to go your camera roll to view it.

I like to use Photo Transfer App to send the images from my phone to my computer where I can then use them as reference for my designs.


image saved from KaleidosPic to my camera roll


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