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my scarf design on silk crepe georgette

I created this scarf design from my ink and watercolor sketchbook page. I used Photoshop to duplicate motifs and arrange them for a 22″ x 70″ scarf.


alice frenz lady beetles scarf design 900x720-70

detail view of my design artwork ready to print

I first printed the design on silk charmeuse to test the colors. The scan of my sketch book pages turned out to be Epson RGB instead of sRGB. I learned that “convert color profile” is the right way to change the colors to sRGB for our fabric printer. The colors didn’t come out as I expected when I used “assign color profile”.

alice frenz lady beetles scarf being printed on silk 900x720-70

lady beetles silk scarf alice frenz 600x720-70

before entering the steamer, the fabric is removed from the paper backing

I printed the final scarf on silk crepe georgette. The georgette allows more dye to pass through the fabric and shows the design on the back side more than the other silks we print. And some dye penetrates all the way through to the paper backing.


lady-beetles-silk-scarf-ink-watercolor-alice-frenz-detail-view 900x720-70b

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Read more about my ink and watercolor sketchbook art I used for this scarf in this post.